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Bright red blood and flashy colors are great for scary movies, but have you watched some of the black and white horror shows?  Don't let the lack of color fool you, they are terrifying!

Scary Black and White Movies

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Creeping up the house is the largest part (well physically speaking) of Halloween!  Here are some great ideas on how to spook up the house without breaking the bank.

Decorations on a Budget     Outdoor Decorations

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Masks are great for Halloween, but what about taking it a step further this year?  Here is an amazing makeup tutorial for a werewolf.  Know a guy with a beard and no idea what to be this year?  This is a great way to use that beard (or any facial hair) as part of the costume!


Click for Tutorial

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I love Halloween, but I always stress over what to be!  Click below for some great ideas to get those creative juices flowing!


Click here for fun costume ideas for the whole family!