How scary is your haunted house?

Warning:  The haunt has  scenes that include depictions of blood and gore that may be too much for some  customers.  It is scarier this year.

We like to think it is scary, and this is what our guests tell us. Everyone's level of scary is different. Some people are afraid of clowns and some fear snakes. Some people jump and scream when surprised by people appearing unexpected, others fall to the floor unable to move. Nightmares on Elk street strives to appeal to various fright levels.

Are there Covid precautions and restrictions?

We will be following the most current Covid guidelines of the State of Washington.

What is the recommended age limit?

We recommend that guests be 12 and older. Parental discretion is advised. It is a PG-13 type of experience with visual and auditory frights.

Is there parking available?

Yes, Free parking is available. We share the parking lot with the Vancouver Elks lodge.

Are tickets refundable?

No, we do not offer a refund once you purchase the ticket. Our proceeds support Vancouver Elks lodge and the charities they support.

Are cameras and cell phones allowed?

Cameras and cell phones are allowed ONLY in the queue. All cell phones, cameras, and flashlights MUST be turned off BEFORE entering the haunted attraction. Anyone caught using a camera, cell phone, or flashlight inside the haunted attraction may have it confiscated and you could be asked to leave.

Is Nightmares on Elk Street Haunted house an indoor or outdoor haunted attraction?

We are an indoor haunt with queuing space indoors as well. Our entrance has a short walk outside prior to entering the building.

Do you sell food and drinks?

Yes we have a snack bar with refreshments available for sale.

Will I get touched?

We do our best not to touch you and we ask that you do your best not to touch us or our props. An occasional brush up contact may occur.

What is NOT permitted in the haunted attraction?

We do not allow alcohol, weapons, vulgar behavior, pushing, or foul language. Smoking and vaping are allowed ONLY in the parking lot. No touching of the actors or props. Absolutely NO use of cell phones, cameras, or flashlights inside. You may be removed from the haunted attraction if you appear intoxicated, touch, damage, or injure any of the props or actors, or show signs of excessive behavior.

What happens if I get too scared to continue through the haunt?

Our safety and security staff are available to escort you out of the haunt.

Do you have strobe lights and fog?

Yes, we use strobe lights, fog machines and there may be airborne particles present in the air throughout the entire haunted house. It is not recommended for people that have Epilepsy, Asthma, Heart issues or are pregnant go the haunted house.

Are you accessible for ADA?

We have a set of approximately 7 stairs within the haunted house. We offer an alternative route for those who can't use the stairs.

How long does it take to get through Nightmares on Elk Street?

We recommend you allow 20 to 30 minutes and this is dependent upon the size of your group and your pace. If you close your eyes and have someone lead straight thru will miss out on many of our special features and the opportunity to enjoy the haunt. There are photo opportunities prior to entering the haunt to help capture the fun  memories of the night.

Can I go thru more than once the same night?

Present your canceled admission ticket and receive a return ticket at the special discounted price of $10. No further discounts apply.